The objective of the organization is to extend social security benefits to the working class in the form of Provident fund & Insurance benefits. The main function of the organization is to fulfill the objectives i.e Enforcement of Provision of J&K Employee’s Provident Fund Act,1961 & Scheme, Recovery & Management of Money, Providing Satisfactory service to the subscribers of the scheme. The Organization endeavors to provide hassle-free delivery of benefits through E-platforms to subscribers and ensure protection of interest of working class as envisaged in Provident Fund Act/Scheme 1961 and EDLI Scheme.

Message From P.F.Commissioner

Our aim is to extend the reach & quality social security benefits to workers in terms of Contributory Provident Fund and EDLI through consistent & ever-improving standards of compliance and service delivery in a manner that wins the approval and confidence of subscribers in our methods, fairness, honesty and integrity, thereby contributing to the economic and social well being of subscribers. The organization acknowledges the co-operation of the Government, Hon’ble Board members, Employers’ and Employees’ Associations in the enforcement and administration of J&K Employees Provident funds Act/ Scheme 1961.